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<< Your virtual assistant will be skilled in managing tasks from some of these categories >>

Creating Listings

Product titles are encoded according to client specifications, high-resolution images and videos are included, and descriptions are thoroughly proofread.

Customer Service

Handles incoming messages (chat, phone, and email) from customers, addresses their concerns, and guides the conversation using predetermined scripts and software.

Email Marketing

Leads are generated through list building, an email cadence is established, the performance of the messages is tracked, questions are answered, and the most promising leads are forwarded to management.

Inventory & Bookkeeping

Maintains accurate sales, refund, and replenishment ledgers, keeps tabs on proceeds from international sales, gift cards, specials, and checks, and manages merchant fees.

Listing Maintenance

Client store inventory is accurately reflected through double checking product placement, uploading, editing, and removing products as needed.

Logistics Management

Manages the flow of goods from suppliers to marketplace warehouses by keeping tabs on incoming orders and verifying stock levels.

Onboarding Stores

Places a seller's inventory on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, Mercari, and Walmart's, and makes sure customers have a positive experience that's consistent with the client's brand.

Order Fulfillment

Helps clients organize and launch conventional campaigns by managing details like tradeshow scheduling and creative team administrative support and progress reporting.

Platform PPC Ads

Ads are set up with the owner's information, checked for targeted keywords, and split tested to increase sales on marketplaces like Amazon.

Product Sourcing

Conducts research on products, potential suppliers, and target markets; obtains samples; downloads barcodes and labels for products; negotiates deals and cultivates partnerships with suppliers;

Shop Administration

carrying out keyword analysis, writing informative product descriptions, and enhancing the store's meta title, content, and other features.

Shop Administration

Conducting in-depth keyword analysis, composing informative product descriptions, and fine-tuning the store's meta title, content, and other sections of its website are all examples of optimization. .

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Discuss your marketing needs and objectives in-depth, and the firm can share their expertise and proposed solutions.



The marketing firm presents a detailed plan with costs, timelines, and expected outcomes.



A document outlining the engagement's terms and conditions is signed.



The marketing firm executes the proposed marketing plan, including advertising campaigns and content creation.



The marketing firm provides regular progress reports with key performance indicators and metrics.